About Us

WISE was born out of the Women’s March on Washington DC, from a sense of anger and a feeling that we could not stand by and watch our country move backwards. We are, as such, a Huddle and maintain strong links to the Women’s March movement. As we formed, we educated ourselves, including through the Indivisible guide and registered early on as an Indivisible Group. As a women’s movement in Anne Arundel County, we are keen to represent and cover the broad range of issues that are important to our members. We have a clear mission statement and 12 issues-based huddles that act on our priorities at the local, state, and national level. We are nonpartisan and welcome women and allies of all ideologies who agree with our mission statement and want to be effective agents for change.

WISE Mission Statement

We provide a platform for women of diverse views to come together and promote values and rights that foster inclusivity, fairness, and safety in our communities. We vow to turn our collective energy into action and advocate indivisibly on a range of issues, particularly at the local level.

We demand representation consistent with our mission from our politicians and commit ourselves to modeling the values of inclusion, tolerance, and fairness that we seek as we support each other to make our voices heard and influence our nation’s narrative.

WISE Rallying Cries

WISE is focusing on three priorities in 2020:

  1. Working with relevant partners to get targeted pieces of new legislation passed or existing legislation/policies implemented on both the state and county level.
  2. Holding elected officials accountable for the promises they made to better our community, and advocating for issues we feel they must address.
  3. Educating and engaging the community by holding conversations and events and by sharing content online that will inspire action on issues central to our mission.