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We vow to turn our collective energy into action to advocate indivisibly on a range of issues particularly at the local level. We have a clear mission statement and 12 issues-based minihuddles that act on our priorities at many levels.

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Letters: Peroutka is anything but a supporter of schools

The letter from Spear Lancaster (The Capital, Oct. 14) regarding Anne Arundel County Councilman Michael Peroutka is blatantly false. Throughout Mr. Peroutka’s tenure on the council he has consistently voted against schools.

Twice, he voted against provisions to stem school overcrowding. In 2017, he voted against seeking available funding from the state for development of Anne Arundel Community College, an educational and economic jewel of our county. In 2016, he was the lone councilman to vote against allocating unanticipated surplus funds to schools, and did so in three separate votes.

Letters: Anne Arundel County agreement with feds on jail screening likely to be costly, harmful

Regarding the article “County finalizes $1.7M deal with ICE” (The Capital, Oct. 12):

More information is needed to adequately cover the effect and potential problems of the 287(g) agreement entered into between County Executive Steve Schuh, representing the county, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Sept. 20. Many of us believe this is not beneficial for Anne Arundel County.

Where Does Bias Begin? Oct. 4, 2017

One way to dismantle these biases is by recognizing them, realizing when we use them as justifications, setting our fears apart from facts and statistics, and ensuring that the inputs to which we expose ourselves are fair, diverse and trustworthy. Hopefully, these steps can help us to question and evolve/update/erase our biases and prejudices.

Stop the sabotage of the ACA: Facebook Live TONIGHT, October 23 at 8:30pm

From Indivisible: Tune into our Facebook Live TONIGHT, October 23 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT and #stopthesabotage. We’ll discuss Trump’s latest attempts to sabotage and undermine the Affordable Care Act and how you can fight back.  facebook.com/indivisibleguide

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Tonight – Indivisible Facebook Live No Muslim Ban Ever – March in DC this Wednesday

Tonight – Indivisible Facebook Live No Muslim Ban Ever – March in DC this Wednesday Mark your calendars for Wednesday. Tune in to our Facebook Live TONIGHT at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT. They’re discussing the Trump Administration’s latest revisions to the…

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Call Governor Hogan, tell him Maryland families need paid sick leave

DEL. LUKE CLIPPINGER: WHY SICK LEAVE CAN’T WAIT. I pondered how to begin writing what I knew needed to be said. And then it came to me – I will start with how this issue arises for most people. I…

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