Monthly Archives: April 2017

A resurgent progressive movement in Anne Arundel County

via A resurgent progressive movement in Anne Arundel County – Capital Gazette Chase Cook – April 15, 2017 On Feb. 2, Arnold resident Yasemin Jamison created a group on Facebook. It’s a move that many have done before. Social media…

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Hooting for a Change

The WISE movement started with eight members, and within two months, grew to 430 members. “Most of them are people who have never been truly politically active, who are not just marching but now calling, writing and testifying [on] bills,” said Robin Peters, another steering committee member.

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Kathy Bain (WISE SC Member at Immigration Town Hall)

WISE’s own Kathy Bain at yesterday’s immigration town hall with Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Congressman Brown furthering important immigration issues, supporting our representatives that advocate for our causes and being an amazing voice for WISE!!!!

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