Letters: Peroutka is anything but a supporter of schools

via Letters: Peroutka is anything but a supporter of schools – Capital Gazette

Peroutka, schools

The letter from Spear Lancaster (The Capital, Oct. 14) regarding Anne Arundel County Councilman Michael Peroutka is blatantly false. Throughout Mr. Peroutka’s tenure on the council he has consistently voted against schools.

Twice, he voted against provisions to stem school overcrowding. In 2017, he voted against seeking available funding from the state for development of Anne Arundel Community College, an educational and economic jewel of our county. In 2016, he was the lone councilman to vote against allocating unanticipated surplus funds to schools, and did so in three separate votes.

Mr. Peroutka has a poor voting record regardless of the issue. He abstains or is marked absent in far more votes than any other councilman, a whopping 18 times in 2016. He was the lone council member to vote no on a pro-education county budget in 2017 and abstained from voting on the county budget in 2016. When Mr. Peroutka bothers to fulfill his responsibilities as a County Council member, it is never in support of public schools, as evidenced by his voting record.

Mr. Lancaster is trying to mislead Anne Arundel County residents and is dead wrong about Michael Peroutka’s public record on supporting schools – Mr. Peroutka is not a friend of or an advocate for our schools, our students or our teachers.



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