Letters: Bayhawks’ proposal for Crownsville is expensive and absurd

Bayhawks’ proposal – Regarding the proposal for a Bayhawks sports complex (The Capital, Dec. 1):

Mark Burdett presented a three-phase plan including two stadiums — one seating 6,000 and another 10,000 to 12,000 — and 20 sports fields. The Bayhawks hope to tap a $9 billion youth sports industry.

This has nothing to do with professional lacrosse, which is probably good, since it is not very popular and Bayhawks attendance is low. Mr. Burdett said the Navy stadium was too big – the organization wants to “create scarcity” with smaller venues. The Bayhawks want to make something more expensive because it is not popular. Let that sink in.

Bill Wagner reported (The Capital, March 24) a total price tag estimated at $163 million. The Bayhawks are seeking a public-private partnership. Two county officials spoke in favor of the proposal, citing the need for youth athletic fields.

Do our youth need two new stadiums? Kids are thrilled to play at the Navy or Ravens stadiums, places where they attend events as spectators, for their big games.

The proposal is absurd, but absurd is what happens nowadays. The public would contribute many millions to save a current expense of $1 million a year.

This would happen when:

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is planning to end a successful $73 million-a-year program to clean up the bay.
  • Congress, as of this writing, has not voted to renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which insures over 150,000 low-income children in Maryland, relying on the feds for 65 percent of funding.
  • Schools such as Old Mill need to be repaired or replaced.

Could we build a new school, perhaps with sports fields, at the Crownsville Hospital Center property? If the area is good enough for Indian Creek School, it is good enough for our public school students.



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