Additional Kindness Opportunity Gifting Children of Incarcerated Women

Additional Kindness Opportunity Gifting Children of Incarcerated Women
We can use some more gift cards, toys, and postage money, here is the story …
Thanks to those of you who participated in the WISE drive for children’s books and gift cards last week in support of the family-day event at the Maryland Women’s Prison.  Volunteers reported it was one of the best events they had ever attended at the prison.  Mom’s and Grandma’s got to participate in various crafts and activities with 144 visiting children.  Each child went home with a pile of books, a bag of candy, and a $5 gift card to a toy store or kid-favorite fast-food place.
Partly because of the snow that Saturday, about two dozen kids who had signed up for the family day event at the prison, were unable to come.   We offered to send the presents to the kids if we were given addresses.  When a sign-up sheet was passed about the prison, other incarcerated women got excited about the possibility that their children and grandchildren might be included, and to our surprise we were given a list of 175 addresses for kids!!!
We hope with your help, to send a book, gift card, and cover note to all 175 kids.   The prison will give us back a few dozen left-over gift cards and several hundred children’s books collected by various groups so that we can send them out.   For each child, we have their name and age so we hope to pick appropriate gifts for each.  We could use:
* $5 gift certificates from 5 Below, Chick-fil-A or McDonalds (or donations to buy the gift cards),
* cash or checks to pay for envelopes, postage, labels and other supplies,

* a few gently used children’s books or easy to mail toys appropriate for very young children from 6 mon to 4 yrs old, and 

* people to help write letters, address packages, and package up the books on Wednesday evening!

Contributions are being collected at the Big Bean in Severna Park up until 1pm on Wed Dec 20th.
We will have a letter writing/packaging party 7pm Wed Dec 20th, at 760 Stacy Oak Way, Millersville, MD 21108.   Questions to Jenny at 410-353-0094
This was started by the Women’s Issues huddle and Criminal Justice Reform huddle of WISE (Women Indivisible Strong Effective), but is open to anyone in our community who would like to help!
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WISE would love to hear from you.....

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