Divisive choice: Trumpism has come to Anne Arundel County

Divisive choice: Trumpism has come to Anne Arundel County

Trumpism has come to Anne Arundel County. A defining feature of the Trumpadministration is that it often picks the very last person you would ever pick as a leader if you were at all interested in the American people.

For example, Scott Pruitt sued the Environmental Protection Agency before Trump selected him to lead it. This tells the majority of Americans who did not vote for Trump that the administration has no interest in their views or respect for science.

Our County Council just did the same thing. It knows many of us are concerned about having Michael Peroutka on the council.

The council knows Peroutka is an unapologetic supporter of Roy Moore and was photographed with Moore on Election Night at Moore’s headquarters. It knows he promotes a theocratic government no matter what the Constitution says — only Christians should be able to hold public office. By the way, God or Jesus are not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

Yet the council members chose to thumb their noses at large numbers of their constituents by voting for Peroutka to be their chairman, replacing John Grasso. The four GOPmembers voted in favor of this against the three opposing Democrats. Is Peroutka the person the local GOP wants to put forward as a leader? Apparently so.

There were two other noncontroversial GOP members to choose from who could have had unanimous support. Instead, the Republicans chose the most divisive member.

We need representatives who are looking for ways to move forward as a community. These guys have failed. We have an election in 2018 — they need to start listening to all of us. The election results in Alabama should be a warning to them.


Severna Park

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