Take action to demand that the nine leading companies cut their ties to the harmful bail industry.

Did you know that you can get locked up in jail simply because you don’t have enough cash in your bank account?

If you’re arrested – even wrongfully – the amount of money you have is what often determines your ability to return to your home, family, and job while fighting your case. It depends on whether you can pay bail.

Our bail system is corrupt and broken. It’s a $2 billion industry that turns a profit off people’s inability to come up with cash. And shadowy insurance companies have taken it over.

We need your help to pressure companies to get out of the business of for-profit bail.

“Innocent until proven guilty.” That’s how our justice system is supposed to work. But every year, millions of people have to pay a price – in cash – before being found guilty. If you can’t cough up cash fast, you can be incarcerated even before you get a trial.

To avoid that horrible reality, people who can’t afford their bail turn to a for-profit bail bonds company that can front the amount, but only if they pay a non-refundable fee.

Nine leading insurance companies are squeezing all they can out of the exploitative bail system. And guess what? There’s virtually no oversight. We need to hold these companies accountable.

Take action to demand that the nine leading companies cut their ties to the harmful bail industry.

Cash bail is exploitative and discriminatory, and it doesn’t make us safer. For-profit bail is even worse – it traps people and their families in a cycle of debt and fees that the bail companies are all too happy to abuse for their gain.

It’s time to take back power from these for-profit bail corporations. This is a key strategy towards meaningful criminal justice reform.

Tell these corporations to stop lining their pockets by squeezing people who can’t afford bail.

Thanks for taking action!


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