Daily Call to Action – Mark your calendar Race, Money and Democracy

Race, Money and


Sunday, January 21, 2430-4430 p.m.

Annapolis Friends Meeting House, 351 Dubois Road, Annapolis

The Rev. Stephen A. Tillett, president of the Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP, heads a panel on ethnicity, social- economic realities and implications for democratic governance. Join in this important discussion and learn about ways

you can help to restore representative democracy and secure voting rights for all citizens.

Tillett will sign copies of his book, Stop Falling for the Okeydoke: How the Lie of ‘Race’ Continues to Undermine Our Country.

This event coincides with the eighth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, which effectively abolished limits on corporate campaign spending.

Presented by Get Money Out-Maryland (www.getmoneyoutmd.org).

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