Today’s Daily Call to Action: Tell Congress to pass a clean Dream Act Today!

Hundreds of thousands of Dreamers across the country are living in fear of deportation right now. Not only did Trump cancel DACA in September, but his recent comments make it clear that his immigration policy is based on nothing short of white supremacy.

It’s up to Congress to pass legislation to protect these undocumented young people and their families, but they keep kicking the can down the road. Congress must make a decision: either stand with the president and his white supremacist agenda to block a deal at every turn or join the majority of people who support Dreamers and want them to be able to stay in the country they call home.

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Dreamers and their families need protection from the whims of this anti-immigrant administration. Join our Dream Act Day of Action today: tell Congress to pass a clean Dream Act now.

Congress has had more than enough time to pass a clean Dream Act — and they’ve failed. We won’t sit on the sidelines as Congress refuses to give people who call this country their only home a chance to study, innovate, and care for their families in peace.

Since September, more than 15,000 DACA recipients have lost their protected status, and that number is getting higher by the day.

The numbers are staggering, but Congress doesn’t seem to be paying attention

Thousands of you have already made calls. It’s making a difference, and that’s why we need to keep it up. Let’s make sure that they hear our voices loud and clear on this Dream Act Day of Action: Call Congress and tell them to do their jobs and pass a clean Dream Act now.

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