Daily Call to Action – Call Delegate Malone TODAY ask him to support HB1 without Amendments.PLEASE DO THIS. It will take less than 1 minute

Anne Arundel Co folks, regardless of your district, pls contact Del. Malone asap! He sits on the House Judiciary Cmte which will hear HB1 – The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act tomorrow, 1/18, @ 1pm. Tell him to support HB 1 “without amendments.” No Maryland woman who conceives from rape should be forced to co-parent with her assailant!

Michael E. Malone (R-33)

Phone: (410) 841-3510 | (301) 858-3510

E-mail: michael.malone@house.state.md.us

If you have more time this week to advocate for this bill, pls see the legislative call to action from the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Thank you!


WISE would love to hear from you.....

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