Today’s Daily Call to Action – Come to WISE’s General meeting TONIGHT at 7!

A New Opportunity for Equal Justice in Maryland

Remember how you were feeling when you first signed up for WISE? Remember how empowering it was to make calls and write letters to your Representatives to push for legislation?

The Maryland State Legislature is back in session, and we need you to advocate for those pieces of legislation that will make the lives of all Marylanders better…we only have until the end of March to make a difference.

This coming Monday at 7 at Cafe Mezzanotte is our monthly General Meeting and it will be packed! -Updates from the huddles

-A call to action to mobilize to get Peroutka OUT

  • A jam-packed mini criminal justice reform workshop that will touch upon healthcare, education, racial equality, women’s issues, poverty and pre trial reform.

Come get fired up with us! If you are feeling overwhelmed at the state of national politics, this is your chance to remember that you can ACT LOCALLY and make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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