Today’s Daily Call to Action: Call Senator Reilly to Vote Yes on Women’s Domestic Violence Bill

If you are District 33, please call Senator Reilly’s Office and tell him to vote ‘Yes’ on SB1036 the Women’s Domestic Violence Bill. This Bill will put a mechanism in place to ensure that convicted Domestic Abusers turn in their guns.

Last year at our Town Hall he stated that the time frame was unrealistic. Well they have addressed that concerned and have now put into place that the convicted abuser has two business days to turn in their guns.

Senator Reilly’s Office number is 410-841-3568.

Suggested Script:

“Hello My Name is XXXXX

My address is XXXXX and my Zip Code is XXXXX. I am a constituent of Senator Reilly’s and I would like him to vote ‘Yes’ on SB1036, the Women’s Domestic Violence Bill. This bill is only to enforce and put a protocol in place for an existing law and his concern last year that the time frame is unrealistic has been addressed and it is imperative that he keeps not only those that have been abused safe but also our law enforcement officers. We will be watching and noting how Senator Reilly votes

Thank you for your time. XXXX”

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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