Daily Call to Action: Call Speaker Busch today and ask him to tell Chair Vallario to get the Sexual Predator Prevention Act out of committee!

Attention WISE women, please contact Speaker Busch 410-841-3800 ASAP and ask him to support the Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act (HB0301/SB0270) and urge him to get  Chair Vallario to vote on the bill, which would (hopefully) get it out of committee. This bill has been introduced 5 times and has yet to leave Vallario’s committee. NOW is the time! We need to treat sexual assault and violence like the crime it is!

Under this bill, the state would only be allowed to REQUEST (to a judge) that a perpetrator’s past acts be used as evidence if the defendant 1) claimed an adult victim consented or 2) claimed a child victim was lying.

Most States and the federal government already have this law! We are way behind the curve!

If we can get 100 people to call today, it will matter! Please ask your friends and family members, they cna be from anywhere in Maryland.

For more info: https://marylandwisewomen.com/2018/02/13/daily-call-to-action-call-speaker-busch-today-urge-him-to-support-the-repeat-sexual-predator-prevention-act/

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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