Mandatory paid sick leave goes into effect Sunday: Here’s what Md. businesses need to know

WISE is excited to see efforts to delay the implementation of delaying the start of Mandatory paid sick leave is unsuccessful at this time and went into effect on Feb. 11, 2018. Joanna Sullivan, Editor in Chief for the Baltimore Business Journal wrote the following article detailing this victory and what it means for employer and employee. 

State officials are trying to get businesses ready for the mandatory paid sick leave law that goes into effect Feb. 11.

Attempts to delay the rollout of the controversial new law failed in the Maryland General Assembly despite a big push by business groups. House Democrats have expressed hesitation about delaying the paid sick leave law until July 1 because they were concerned Republicans will try to further amend the law.

The law kicks in just as a flu outbreak is spreading in Maryland, so it’s likely to be tested sooner rather than later. To read this article in full please visit Baltimore Business Journal by clicking here.

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