SAFE Act/Action

Please support the SAFE Act. This will keep local law enforcement from working with ICE so they can actually do their job of protecting and serving the community. It costs a lot of money for local law enforcement to act as ICE agents and this does NOT create safe communities.

Immigrants documented and undocumented are afraid of deportation for good reasons and are therefore afraid to report crimes and be witnesses. Imagine if you are robbed or assaulted and the witness is afraid to step up.

Where does that leave you? How does that affect your community and the well being of you and your family, friends, and neighbors? Police are having to work harder to fight crime including fighting the MS-13 gang because immigrants are afraid to report crimes and be witnesses. MS-13 is brutal and need to be dealt with.

The SAFE Act is NOT a sanctuary bill and does NOT give special treatment to undocumented immigrants; they are treated like anyone else under the law. Under the bill local law enforcement MUST follow Maryland law and a judicial warrant based on probable cause.

1) Contact YOUR delegates
Finding your delegates (if you do not know who your delegates are go to the upper right corner -Who represents me?

2) Contact as many of the House Judiciary Committee as possible to make sure the SAFE Act gets out of committee to the House floor.

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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