TONIGHT! Rally in Annapolis in support of DACA and Immigrant rights!

Hundreds of immigrants and advocates will rally at the Maryland state capitol Monday to support DACA students and other issues. CASA in Action says it hundreds of members will descend on the state capitol Monday, Feb. 26, to fight for justice for immigrant students, protection from ICE overreach, worker rights, and stronger schools.

“Despite the pushback we are seeing at the federal level, we continue fighting for immigrants and working families in Maryland where we can make real change happen,” said Gustavo Torres, president of CASA in Action, in a news release.

Activists will gather at 5 p.m. for a welcoming ceremony with legislative leaders before hosting mass lobby meetings with elected officials who will be voting on priority issues. From low-wage workers in Kent Island, to parent activists in Langley Park, to high-schoolers in Baltimore City, CASA in Action activists will talk to lawmakers about the issues they confront and request support on a series of issues that will create strong communities.

At 7 p.m., CASA in Action will join with other organizations to rally in Lawyers Mall. “We are counting on our state representatives to ensure that Maryland is free from the policies of a white supremacist administration in the White House,” said Eusebia Ramirez, CASA in Action member of Langley Park leadership council. “These are issues that will make an important difference in our lives.”

CASA in Action is supporting SB 546/HB1536 which allows students who have seen their DACA or TPS status cancelled by the Trump administration to complete their education; HB1626, which restricts the ability of U.S. Customs Enforcement (ICE) to access MVA records without a court order; HB664/SB543, which increases the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2023; HB1415/SB1092, which funds educational services like pre-K; and HB461/SB581 which provides protections for immigrant victims of crime.

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