Today’s Daily Call to Action: Keep guns out of hands of Domestic Abusers. Make the calls this morning! Show up at hearing today.

Call or show up at the Maryland Senate that we are serious about passing *SB 1036. The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will be hearing testimony that will build a strong case for the passage of this Domestic Violence bill. Let’s protect Maryland families!

*Summary of the bill: Requiring a State’s Attorney to serve a certain notice on a certain defendant, defendant’s counsel, and the court prior to trial or the acceptance of a plea of guilty or the equivalent of a plea of guilty; requiring a court to inform a defendant convicted of a certain offense that the defendant is prohibited from possessing a certain firearm under certain provisions of law; etc.

Call Senator Zirkin(Chair) 410-841-3131 and Senator Kelley (Vice Chair) 410-841-3606 tell them they have the power to get this bill passed out of Committee and urge them to use their influence to make it happen!

To attend hearing today:

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