Today’s Daily Action: Take 2 minutes to make a real impact on Maryland’s Environment!

This is Big! Senator Reilly is not convinced! He needs to hear from WISE!

It’s now looking more likely than ever that the Clean Energy Jobs Act could pass this year. The bill would double wind and solar power in  Maryland. But first we need the bill to make it out of key committee hearings happening next week — Senator Reilly sits on the committee and needs persuading from us!   The Hearing is 3/6 at 1:00 p.m Join me!!!

1. Please take one minute right now to send a message to committee member Senator Reilly (410-841-3568),   Committee Chair Senator Middleton,  (410-841-3616)  and Vice Chair Senator Astle ( 410-841-3578Tell them  to vote YES clean energy jobs bills — Senate Bill 732 — when it comes up for a vote soon.

2. While you have Senator Reilly on the phone please thank him for supporting wind and opposing SB1058.We recently got disturbing and frankly unacceptable news – a handful of Maryland legislators are working to effectively kill our state’s burgeoning offshore wind energy projects and industry. The progress we have made together is no threatened by powerful interests. Please tell your legislator that you support offshore wind!

The approved offshore wind projects will be constructed 17 and 19+ miles offshore. The Public Service Commission specifically required the developers to minimize visual and environmental impacts — and they are doing that. But these bills and wavering legislators are sending a negative message to the offshore wind industry. If Maryland doesn’t move forward with these projects now, we will permanently lose out on attracting new clean energy businesses to the state.

Please urge your legislator to keep Maryland open for clean energy business! Senator Reilly sits on this committee and promised to defend offshore wind. Call now! and thank him for supporting wind and opposing HB1135 and SB 1058

Committee Hearing 3/6 1:00pm

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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