Another crucial daily call to action: Don’t let politicians undo the Healthy Working Families Act! Please call your Delegates today.

The state of Maryland has done something historic for working families–but today, the House of Delegates might ruin it.

Paid sick days should be a right for ALL workers. After years of pushing lawmakers, working parents in Maryland convinced them to pass legislation that will guarantee all workers are able to earn paid sick days. That means being able to afford getting sick, no longer going to work sick, and not having to choose between your health and a paycheck.

But today, lawmakers in Annapolis are considering six new bills to delay the law, at the urging of the big business lobby.

The good news is that a previous bill that would have delayed earned sick days for Maryland was successfully thwarted two weeks ago.1 Why? Because constituents called their state representatives and showed up at the Capitol.

Momentum is on our side. If constituents call in to oppose these bills, lawmakers will reject this attempt to deny workers the right to earn paid sick days. Will you click here to make a quick call to your delegate?

Please call and say:

• Hi, my name is ___ from [your city/town]. I’m calling to demand the delegate oppose all delays and amendments to the Healthy Working Families Act.

• I support the passage of the Healthy Working Families Act. It is wrong to force workers to choose between their health and their paycheck.

• I oppose delaying paid sick time even for another day for 700,000 Marylanders. Vote down all proposals to delay or amend the Healthy Working Families Act today.

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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