Another Crucial Daily Action: Please call to support SB270! Protect children and survivors of sexual assault.

Today’s the day! The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will vote TODAY on The Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act of 2018 (SB270).

Contact your Senator in the Judicial Proceedings Committee NOW and make sure they support survivors of sexual assault and child molestation by voting YES on SB270! 

Need some inspiration? Watch the SB270 hearing video in which survivors, experts, advocates, and prosecutors from across Maryland testified about how this passing bill will level the playing field for victims. Click here and start at the 1:40:00 mark.

What can you do? Call the leadership and your Senator on the committee.


Robert A. (Bobby) Zirkin (D-11) – Chair
Phone: (410) 841-3131 | (301) 858-3131


Delores G. Kelley (D-10) – Vice Chair
Phone: (410) 841-3606 | (301) 858-3606


Baltimore County
James Brochin (D-42)

Phone: (410) 841-3648 | (301) 858-3648


Carroll County
Justin D. Ready (R-5)

Phone: (410) 841-3683 | (301) 858-3683


Carroll & Frederick Counties
Michael J. Hough (R-4)

Phone: (410) 841-3704 | (301) 858-3704


Harford County
Robert G. Cassilly (R-34)

Phone: (410) 841-3158 | (301) 858-3158


Montgomery County

Susan C. Lee (D-16)
Phone: (410) 841-3124 | (301) 858-3124


William C. (Will) Smith, Jr. (D-20)
Phone: (410) 841-3634 | (301) 858-3634


Prince George’s County

C. Anthony Muse (D-26)
Phone: (410) 841-3092 | (301) 858-3092

E -mail:

Victor R. Ramirez (D-47)
Phone: (410) 841-3745 | (301) 858-3745


The Repeat Sexual Predator Prevention Act would give Maryland prosecutors the ability to introduce evidence of other sex crimes in sex offense cases involving serial offenders. Every year this legislation doesn’t pass, the same serial predators victimize more Marylanders. Enough is enoughmake sure your representatives vote YES on SB270!

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