“We’ve never understood Schuh’s strange aversion to a reasonable check on his authority.”

“Anne Arundel County needs a County Executive who can work with others. Steve Schuh’s Top Down governing style sows division.

Steve Schuh fought hard against County Auditor Sutherland and her attempts to put checks on county spending.

Steve Schuh fired her successor Jodee Dickonson in a single day.

Steve Schuh foiled County councilman Walker’s Resolution that would broaden county auditor’s powers to investigate fraud and theft in county goverment.

When the County Executive is questioned about his fiscal responsibility his response is to fight, fire and foil.

A fiscally responsible County Executive is not afraid of transparency or accountability! It’s time for a change. #Vote Pittman”


Here is the opening to the article:

“County Executive Steve Schuh has long fought with the county auditor, casting the office as an unreasonable check on his authority. The County Council elected in November will have to address this conflict as one of its top priorities.

When Teresa Sutherland, now the Annapolis City manager, held the office, Schuh lambasted her as an unelected member of the County Council.

When her successor, Jodee Dicksonson, decided to join Sutherland and take a position as city finance director, the Schuh administration responded with petty vengeance, stripping her of her job and shoving her out the door in a single day.

About the same time, Schuh worked to kill resolutions by Councilman Jerry Walker — a longtime nemesis — that would have given the auditor broader powers to investigate reports of fraud and theft within county government.

We called the expansion a move to better government. Schuh called it boneheaded. It died with little discussion on the council.”

“Boneheaded in my book is hiding fraud from the taxpayers and failing to punish the perpetrator”- Steuart Pittman


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