Today’s Daily Call to Action – Fight for Maryland’s forests!

The Forest Conservation Act is getting push back. Please call the 5 folks below and tell them we need to protect Maryland Forests!

We are getting a lot of resistance in Environment and transportation committee and need to increase pressure. we have some new targets in the committee as well that we need to contact and learn where they stand and increase pressure on top of Busch and Barve:

Please call the following and tell them we need HB766:

Barve  :Chair (410) 841-3990, (301) 858-3990

Busch: (410) 841-3800, (301) 858-3800

 Jay Jalisi(410) 841-3358, (301) 858-3358

 Marvin Holmes,  (410) 841-3310, (301) 858-3310


 Pam Beidle  ,(410) 841-3370, (301) 858-3370

HB766 /SBSB0610  Forest Conservation Act

The ammendment to the FCA Revision would ensure the FCA does what lawmakers originally intended: protect our best forests while allowing development. Our hope is that by setting clear guidelines and increasing replanting requirements, we can ensure critical forests are protected or replaced during the development process.

• Identify and protect Maryland’s best forests by providing a clear definition of ecologically important areas that should be considered a priority for retention and protections;

• Provide transparent and consistent criteria for consideration and application by local governments when a developer proposes to clear priority forests;

• Require replacement of priority forests that are cleared on a one-to-one basis, where an acre of forest replanting is required when an acre of priority forest is removed;

• Require the review and planning for important natural resource protection to come earlier in the development review process to allow for site design improvement and reduced impacts on healthy forests;

• Authorize and encourage partnerships between state, local, and nonprofit organizations engaged in tree-planting efforts to help use the fees paid by developers in lieu of the developer’s replanting requirements; and,

• Require a long-overdue update of the 1997 state guidance document that guides replanting efforts.


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