Legislative Priorities Update from NAACP (3/12/18)

From Charlotte Byrd, NAACP, team member

Dear activist community leaders,

TAKE ACTION: Tell members of Maryland’s House Judiciary Committee to support solitary confinement reform.

– http://bit.ly/2t437ii

Please go to the above link (copy and paste into your browser) and fill out the form to send a message to the members of the Committee in support of the bill.

Please do this ASAP, it only takes a moment and please forward to your networks, family, and friends!

📢📢HBCU night in Annapolis is this Thursday, 6-8pm at the Miller Senate office conference room west

HBCU related bills from this session:

·       HB450/SB252, Blount-Rawlings Britt HBI Comparability Program

·       HB1062/SB827, Appointment of a special advisor-Development of a remedial plan-HBCU Equity Act of 2018

·       HB1753/SB776, HBCU Internship in Maryland government scholarship program

·       HB1819/SB615, Coppin State and Morgan State University-Cyber Warrior Diversity Program, establishing computer networking and cyber security programs at these two schools

·       HB1665, Income Tax Credit-Endowments of Maryland HBCUs

·       HB1630, Higher Education-James Proctor Scholarship Program, scholarships for HBCUs

There has been a lot of movement in voting rights this session! The NAACP believes that everyone who is eligible to vote should be able to do so easily and without barriers and that voters are entitled to transparent and easily accessible information about who is paying for election activity.

SB1048-Secure and Accessible Registration  (automatic registration bill, sets up voter registration as an opt-out rather than an opt-in at the MVA and other state services where people can register)

SB1035-Declaration of Rights-Right to Information

SB0875-Online Electioneering Transparency and Accountability Act

SB0730-Local Government-Municipal Elections No-Excuse Absentee voting

HB542, Eligible Detainees get Information on Voting Rights (requires that those detained by the state who still have the right to vote, including those who are jailed awaiting trial or those convicted of minor crimes that do not disenfranchise, are informed of their voting rights)

SB 444 Task Force on the Social Determinants of Health in Baltimore City –

• Crossed over to the House for a hearing on March 20 at 1 PM in HGO

• Action: Contact legislators on the HGO committee to urge their favorable support of this bill. Further, contact your own representatives to encourage them to support this bill if it comes to the floor for a vote.

HB 2 –  Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission Reform Act  –  Crossed over from the Senate for a First Reading in the Finance committee.

Bills in danger of not crossing over that are supported by the NAACP:

HB 39  – Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission – Diversity  Requiring that, to the extent practicable, the members of the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission reflect the racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity of the State.

• There has been no action on this bill since its hearing date. Please contact your legislators to urge their favorable support of this bill. In the event that HB 2 does not pass, HB 39 ensures the boilerplate diversity language that other state commissions are subject to is implemented.

SB 543 – Labor and Employment – Payment of the Minimum Wage Required (Fight for Fifteen) – Brings the state minimum wage up to $15 per hour by 2023 and tying it the average percentage growth in the Consumer Price Index thereafter will ensure that workers are being equitably compensated.

• Heard on March 8 at 1 PM in Senate Finance.

• Action: please contact your state legislators to urge their favorable support of this bill.

SB 377/HB 512 – Labor and Employment – Pay Scales and Wage History Information Levels the playing field for all potential job candidates, and as a result salaries will more accurately reflect the skills and qualifications required for a position.

• There has been no action since their respective hearing dates.

• Action: Please contact your legislators to urge their favorable support of these bills.

SB 1059/HB 657 – Motor Vehicle Insurance – Discrimination in Underwriting and Rating – This bill is a vital step in ending gender-based and marital status discrimination by prohibiting insurers from using these factors to determine premium costs or when rating insurance policies.

• There has been no action since their respective hearing dates.

• Action: Please contact your legislators to urge their favorable support of these bills.

Thank you for all you do,

Charlotte Byrd, team member


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