Today’s Daily Call to Action: Take a stand for victims of human trafficking

From WISE women’s issues huddle facilitator: Hello friends! I have just received word that Senate Bill 869, which would expand access to vacatur of convictions for survivors of trafficking, is on the voting list for TONIGHT in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee! We have never gotten this far before, and so I am asking (begging, actually) that anyone reading this who feels strongly about advocating for survivors of human trafficking PLEASE CALL (not email) EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the Senate Judicial Proceedings committee TODAY and request that they vote in favor of Senate Bill 869! Even if you’re not a Maryland resident, please call and say you are a citizen concerned about this issue. Here is a script you can use when you call:

“Hello, my name is ___ (and I am a member of your constituency, if that is true). I am calling to request that Senator ____ vote YES on Senate Bill 869 during the voting session tonight! SB 869 would expand the ability of survivors of human trafficking who have been criminalized for acts they were forced to commit by their traffickers to petition the court to vacate, or, set aside those convictions. SB 869 has the support the Maryland State’s Attorney’s Association, the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force, the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women, and numerous victim services organizations throughout the state. Victims of human trafficking are being criminalized in Maryland, and SB 869 will strengthen Maryland’s response to this injustice. Thank you in advance for your vote in its favor!”

Here is the contact info for each member of the JPR (minus the Sponsor, of course), along with the Counties/Districts they represent. PLEASE FLOOD THEIR PHONE LINES TODAY, and FORWARD ONTO YOUR NETWORKS! Thank you!!

Baltimore County (District 11):

Senator Bobby Zirkin (Chairman)

410-841-3131 | 301-858-3131

Baltimore County (District 10):

Senator Delores G, Kelley (Vice Chair)

410-841-3606 | 301-858-3606

Baltimore County (District 42)

Senator James Brochin

410-841-3648 | 301-858-3648

Harford County (District 34)

Senator Robert Cassilly

410-841-3158 | 301-858-3158

Frederick and Carroll Counties (District 4)

Senator Michael Hough

410-841-3704 | 301-858-3704

Prince George’s County (District 26)

Senator Anthony Muse (Co-Sponsor)

410-841-3092 | 301-858-3092

Prince George’s County (District 47)

Senator Victor Ramirez (Co-Sponsor)

410-841-3745 | 301-858-3745

Carroll County (District 5)

Senator Justin Ready

410-841-3683 | 301-858-3683

Montgomery County (District 20)

Senator William Smith, Jr. (Co-Sponsor)

410-841-3634 | 301-858-3634

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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