Daily Call to Action – PLEASE make Maryland SAFE for everyone!

The DEADLINE is Monday. Please take a few minutes to do this today. Thank you! This is DO or bill DIES!

Please email the following in support of the **SAFE Act.

Email to:  joseph.vallario@house.state.md.us
cc to: kathleen.dumais@house.state.md.us

Suggested Message–

Dear Chairman Vallario:


I urge you to vote HB-1461, “Criminal Procedure – Immigration – Supporting All Families Everywhere (**SAFE Act),” out of committee and onto the floor. This is an important bill which clarifies the role of Maryland law enforcement agents regarding enforcement of  federal immigration laws.


I urge you to vote HB-1461 out of committee and onto the floor so communities can  regain their  trust in our law enforcement.  




                                    [NAME]  [ADDRESS]

**The SAFE Act, HB1461: (Supporting All Families Everywhere) HB1461 prevents local law enforcement from performing the duties of immigration enforcement. Unfortunately, it makes an exception for communities that have Homeland Security contracts such as 287g and IGSA.

The Bill, if passed, and becomes law, would allow all residents in all of our communities to interact without fear of prejudice with law enforcement and government officials.  The current atmosphere in our country has caused documented and undocumented immigrants alike to fear the police.  It is not totally rational, but it is reality!  This has got to stop, we are all unsafe when large segments of our population fear interacting with the police.  It follows that crime would increase and we know crime has no borders and respects no neighborhoods.  The Bill clarifies the parameters within which law enforcement agents may legally operate.  For example, agents should not ask individuals about their immigration status.

The SAFE Act has the ability to save us money.  Maryland should not spend our tax dollars on matters that are the responsibility of the Federal government.  The Federal government does not reimburse Maryland for doing its bidding.

In addition to possibly saving us money, the Bill also prevents the State from disclosing non-public information regarding the immigration status of Maryland residents.  It also prohibits the State from creating a registry or database based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic origin.  These are effective ways to help our immigrant population feel safe during these tumultuous times.

To be clear, nothing in the SAFE Act violates State or Federal law.  Activities occurring now are more likely to be unconstitutional, specifically violating the 4th, 10th, and 14th Amendments to the United States Constitution.  Now is the time to provide clarity to law enforcement and stand up for SAFE Communities!

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