ALL HANDS ON DECK! Do you believe gay and lesbian children should be subjected to the torture of conversion therapy?

Every major organization that cares about children, mental health and health vehemently condemns conversion therapy. It has been found to not only be totally ineffective but dangerous with outcomes such as depression, homelessness, and suicide. These are facts. These facts have been presented to the Legislative committees that have SB1028 and HB902 (Youth Mental Health Protection Act) to protect children in Maryland from conversion therapy and yet, the bills still have not been voted on in either committee! Conversion Therapy is banned in 10 states, DC and several municipalities. What are our representatives waiting for?!! If this bill does not move, it will die and a 2018 study by the Williams Institute tells us that Maryland youth will be subjected to conversion therapy if this bill does not pass! PLEASE take 2 minutes to call President of the Senate Miller and Speaker Busch and urge them to use their influence to PASS THIS BILL AND PROTECT CHILDREN. This is absolutely something they can do. Marylanders want this bill! Our representatives need to represent us!

Speaker Busch – Phone: 410-841-3800

President Miller – Phone: 410-841-3700

We NEED 100 calls to each office! PLEASE be 1 of those 100! Please message back that you’ve made these calls.

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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