Please call your Senator TODAY to Protect LGBTQ kids form conversion therapy



Your State Senator will vote this week on the critical bill – SB1028, the Youth Mental Health Protection Act – that would protect LGBTQ youth from the dangerous and discredited practice of “conversion therapy.”  We need your help!

This bill, brought forward in this chamber under the leadership of Senator Rich Madaleno (District 18, Montgomery County), will be on the Senate floor this week. Call your Senator today and tell them to protect youth form this harmful practice by voting for SB1028!

Who is my Senator?

How to I contact my Senator?

• DISTRICT 1 (Allegany, Garrett & Washington Counties)

George C. Edwards (R)DISTRICT 2 (Washington County)
Andrew A. Serafini (R)
DISTRICT 3 (Frederick County)
Ronald N. Young (D)
DISTRICT 4 (Carroll & Frederick Counties)
Michael J. Hough (R)
DISTRICT 5 (Carroll County)
Justin D. Ready (R)
DISTRICT 6 (Baltimore County)
Johnny Ray Salling (R)
DISTRICT 7 (Baltimore County & Harford County)
J. B. Jennings (R)
DISTRICT 8 (Baltimore County)
Katherine A. Klausmeier (D)
DISTRICT 9 (Carroll & Howard Counties)
Gail H. Bates (R)
DISTRICT 10 (Baltimore County)
Delores G. Kelley (D)
DISTRICT 11 (Baltimore County)
Robert A. (Bobby) Zirkin (D)
DISTRICT 12 (Baltimore County & Howard County)
Edward J. Kasemeyer (D)
DISTRICT 13 (Howard County)
Guy J. Guzzone (D)
DISTRICT 14 (Montgomery County)
Craig J. Zucker (D)
DISTRICT 15 (Montgomery County)
Brian J. Feldman (D)
DISTRICT 16 (Montgomery County)
Susan C. Lee (D)
DISTRICT 17 (Montgomery County)
Cheryl C. Kagan (D)
DISTRICT 18 (Montgomery County)
Richard S. Madaleno, Jr. (D)
DISTRICT 19 (Montgomery County)
Roger Manno (D)
DISTRICT 20 (Montgomery County)
William C. Smith, Jr. (D)
DISTRICT 21 (Anne Arundel & Prince George’s Counties)
James C. Rosapepe (D)
DISTRICT 22 (Prince George’s County)
Paul G. Pinsky (D)
DISTRICT 23 (Prince George’s County)
Douglas J. J. Peters (D)
DISTRICT 24 (Prince George’s County)
Joanne C. Benson (D)
DISTRICT 25 (Prince George’s County)
Ulysses Currie (D)
DISTRICT 26 (Prince George’s County)
C. Anthony Muse (D)
DISTRICT 27 (Calvert, Charles & Prince George’s Counties)
Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. (D)
DISTRICT 28 (Charles County)
Thomas M. Middleton (D)
DISTRICT 29 (Calvert & St. Mary’s Counties)
Stephen M. Waugh (R)
DISTRICT 30 (Anne Arundel County)
John C. Astle (D)
DISTRICT 31 (Anne Arundel County)
Bryan W. Simonaire (R)
DISTRICT 32 (Anne Arundel County)
James E. DeGrange, Sr. (D)
DISTRICT 33 (Anne Arundel County)
Edward R. Reilly (R)
DISTRICT 34 (Harford County)
Robert G. Cassilly (R)
DISTRICT 35 (Cecil & Harford Counties)
Linda S. Norman (R)
DISTRICT 36 (Caroline, Cecil, Kent & Queen Anne’s Counties)
Stephen S. Hershey, Jr. (R)
DISTRICT 37 (Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties)
Adelaide C. Eckardt (R)
DISTRICT 38 (Somerset, Wicomico & Worcester Counties)
James N. Mathias, Jr. (D)
DISTRICT 39 (Montgomery County)
Nancy J. King (D)
DISTRICT 40 (Baltimore City)
Barbara A. Robinson (D)
DISTRICT 41 (Baltimore City)
Nathaniel T. Oaks (D)
DISTRICT 42 (Baltimore County)
James Brochin (D)
DISTRICT 43 (Baltimore City)
Joan Carter Conway (D)
DISTRICT 44 (Baltimore City & Baltimore County)
Shirley Nathan-Pulliam (D)
DISTRICT 45 (Baltimore City)
Nathaniel J. McFadden (D)
DISTRICT 46 (Baltimore City)
William C. Ferguson IV (D)
DISTRICT 47 (Prince George’s County)
Victor R. Ramirez (D)

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