Today’s Daily Action – Speak up for trees and clean air today.

It is that time where there are so many important bills – we NEED you to speak up and it may be a few calls but we know you agree that trees and clean air are SO worth 2 minutes of your time!

Two calls, two requests Ask Barve and Stein to support Forests HB766 and Clean Air HB0026! Delegate Kumar Barve- Chair 410-841-3990 and Delegate Dana Stein Vice Chair 410-841-3527

Protecting Maryland’s Forests (HB 766)

Altering the reforestation ratio required for the certain clearing of trees in a priority retention area; requiring for a development project that priority retention areas be retained, protected, and left in an undisturbed condition unless the permit applicant has provided certain written justification that is affirmatively approved with written findings by the State or local approval authority; requiring a written justification for failing to retain or protect a priority retention area to include certain statements; etc.

Back ground:The full State Senate is expected to vote on the bill on Monday, March 26.  And we expect the vote will be close.  The legislation will strengthen our state’s over quarter-century-old Forest Conservation Act in a carefully targeted and balanced manner to better protect our most ecologically-valuable forests.

Senator Reilly says he will support the bill. It is not over until its over. 

(Note: Although the technical “cross-over” date is behind us, if the bill passes the Senate, it will go to the House, where we would use the Senate vote to fight to move the bill out of committee to the House floor, notwithstanding a post-crossover requirement that the bill first go to the House Rules Committee.)

Call Chair and Vice Chair of Environment and Transportation committee and tell them to send HB766 it to the floor for a vote asap!

HB0026 – Community Healthy Air Act – establishes a committee on Air Quality to determine the effects of chicken farms on the Eastern Shore blowing chicken refuse into the air in local communities and the potential harm to people living there. call the committee chair and vice chair!

Kumar Barve- Chair 410-841-3990 and Dana Stein Vice Chair 410-841-3527

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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