Today’s Daily Call to Action: Can you believe that Senator Simonaire of Anne Arundel County is putting SO much energy into defeating a bill that protects children?!

On Thursday, March 22, the Youth Mental Health Protection Act was on the Senate Floor for a vote after much delay in the Committee, and now there is more delay. The reason for the delay in the committee and on the floor is Senator Simonaire of Anne Arundel County. Why is he working SO hard to stand in the way of protecting children from conversion therapy (CT)?! CT is condemned by every major child, mental health and health advocacy organization in the country. The evidence is incontrovertible – being LGBTQ is NOT a condition that needs treatment. CT is completely ineffective and in fact, extraordinarily dangerous – potentially causing depression, homelessness and suicide. Keeping this practice which has been described by its victims as torture, is a top priority for Senator Simonaire?! Let’s ALL CALL and tell him what we think about him standing in the way of protecting children.

Tell Senator Simonaire (410-841-3658) to not stand in the way of this bill, SB1028.

“Last year, more than 1,200 Maryland LGBTQ youth in crisis called the crisis response hotline of the Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth. We need to protect our children, NOT put them in harm’s way.

Please call, please share! Each step matters! If the Senate rejects the bill, it will die.

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