Daily Call to Action – we need criminal justice reform, not more of the same failed laws!

Call to Action!

Call Delegate Malone (410-841-3510) and ask him to VOTE NO on SB1222! If you are not in District 33, check list to see if you have a rep on Judiciary committee (list attached) and call and say not to SB122 – we need reform not return to ways proven not to work!

From the NAACP:

Dear Friends,

We’re reaching out to Maryland’s equity and justice advocates and joining forces with our partners for the March on Annapolis for Jobs & Justice on this Tuesday, March 27. We will march to and rally in front of the Maryland State House to urge support for policies that benefit our communities. We ask you to join in coalition with us to defeat SB122, the Omnibus Crime Bill of 2018. The bill is currently in the House Judiciary Committee and we have a chance to stop it there before it goes any further.

Join us as we go to Annapolis on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

We will tell legislators to:

• VOTE NO on Senate Bill 122

• Reject any bill that increases mandatory minimums

• Reject tough on crime rhetoric that doesn’t work

• Invest in building peace and creating economic justice

We need to remind our legislators that a rush to “tough on crime” laws never results in positive outcomes for the African American community. Please call legislators in the Maryland General Assembly’s House Judiciary Committee and express your opposition to SB122 (list attached)

SB122 – The Comprehensive Crime Bill of 2018 is going to be heard in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. We need to make everyone in Maryland aware of this bill and its potentially harmful consequences to our communities.

When you join us in Annapolis you will learn more about SB122 and have the opportunity to meet with legislators about several issues affecting our community including SB122.

IF you can go to Annapolis today to be part of the effort, here is the info. If you cannot go, calls WILL HELP so PLEASE CALL.

When you join us in Annapolis you will learn more about SB122 and have the opportunity to meet with legislators about several issues affecting our community including SB122.

PLEASE BRING YOUR ID WITH YOU. It will be needed to get into the House, Senate, and State House buildings. FREE breakfast and lunch will be provided. FREE transportation will also be available to and from Annapolis. Fill out this form to reserve your spot.

Can’t make it to Annapolis? Please call and email your legislators and the members of the House Judiciary Committee this week to express your views on aggressive increases in mandatory minimums and the inability of this approach to prevent violence. Here are some  sample email talking points as well as more information about the bill.

Tell legislators to use their state budgeting powers to create economic security for all Marylanders by creating a growing and thriving state economy that includes urban areas. Ask them to pass legislation that will build peace, provide affordable healthcare, create jobs in emerging markets, develop vocational apprenticeships, and fund public education.

Please help us build momentum by forwarding this email to your contacts. Please also read and add your name to the attached coalition sign-on letter.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me directly here  Rev. Kobi Little.

Thank you for your support,

Rev. Kobi Little

Political Action Chairman
NAACP Maryland State Conference





We oppose SB122, the Comprehensive Crime Bill of 2018, and its punitive focus. We believe this bill is a compilation of worst practices that have been tried and failed. SB122 is bad legislation. This bill, in its current form, targets marginalized and vulnerable populations that are already experiencing the trauma of living in violent environments. SB122 will hang longer sentences over the heads of people of color and historically marginalized people, rather than focusing on a comprehensive strategy that addresses the root causes of violence.


8:30 AM Bowie State University – James E. Proctor Jr. Bldg (14000 Jericho Road Bowie, MD 20715)

8:30 AM Prince George’s Plaza – Olive Garden (3500 East-West Hwy, Hyattsville, MD 20782)

8:30 AM Adam’s House (5001 Silver Road Suitland, MD 20746)

8:00 AM Mondawmin Mall – Friday’s Parking Lot (2401 Liberty Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215)

8:00 AM Oliver Community Center – (1400 East Federal St Baltimore, MD 21213)

7:45 AM Greenspring Shopping Center – (2801 Smith Ave Baltimore, MD 21209)

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