Daily Call to Action #2 – We MUST mean it when we say we are taking a stand against fracking!

One year after the fracking ban in Maryland, fracking still threatens the health and safety of Marylanders and our neighbors.

Although Big Gas cannot frack in Maryland, Maryland still drives fracking in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Without markets, companies won’t frack. The opening of Dominion Energy’s fracking refinery and export terminal in Cove Point, the first export terminal to be allowed on the East coast, means fracking companies can now sell gas all over the world. And that means more fracking, more pipelines and more compressor stations that poison communities and worsen the climate crisis.

We must take action to stop fracking in our region. 

Last week  the Charles County Appeals Board DENIED a zoning permit to Dominion Energy to build a compressor station there. BUT the Maryland Department of Energy, MDE says they must comply with current federal law which allows for the permit and the project is going forward! TTheTTT

This law is wrong and must be challenged

Call Brian Frosh, the attorney general, at 240-479-9788.

Call Andrea Baker, the attorney at the Maryland Department of the Environment, at 410-537-3055.

Tell them to challenge the Law and protect the people of Maryland!

Tell them they must put the health of the people of MD first!

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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