3rd Daily Action – Another absolutely critical action is needed on your part today!

And, last night the Health Facilities & Pharmaceuticals Subcommittee of the House Health and Government Operations Committee voted to pass an amended version of HB 1194, the Drug Cost Commission bill. Soon we believe it will go to a vote in the House, then the Senate Finance Committee and Health Subcommittee, and then the Senate. We are pleased that, if enacted, the amended bill will continue to move this issue forward and build for future General Assembly Sessions. To make that happen, we need your help!   Especially because the 2018 Session ends at Midnight on Monday, April 9, we urgently need you to contact the members of the Senate Finance Committee to strongly urge them to support the House Bill 1194 as they will receive it from the House.   Below is a list of all of Finance Committee Members.  Attached for you is a flyer which summarizes the amended Drug Cost Commission bill.  We do  not yet have the final language from the House Committee, but when we do, we will send it to you.  Also, right above  the Finance Committee list are two “Take Action” sites to which you can refer your members which would allow them to contact their Senators and Delegates to support the Drug Cost Commission bill.

Thank you for all that you are doing! We truly appreciate it. Together we can address high drug costs and promote quality, affordable health care for all Marylanders!


First, please click here to send an email to your Senators and Delegates to urge them to support the amended bill and oppose weakening changes from the drug corporations!

Second, please check to see if your Senators on the Finance Health Subcommittee and if so, call their office. It is especially important that members of the Subcommittee hear from their constituents!

Thomas M. Middleton, Chair

District 28 – Charles County

Phone: (410) 841-3616

Email: thomas.mclain.middleton@senate.state.md.us

Room: 3 East Wing in Miller Senate Office Building


John C. Astle, Vice-Chair

District 30 – Anne Arundel County

Phone: (410) 841-3578

Email: john.astle@senate.state.md.us

Room: 123 in James Senate Office Building


(Co-Sponsor) Joanne C. Benson (Health Subcommittee)

District 24 – Prince George’s County

Phone: (410) 841-3148

Email: joanne.benson@senate.state.md.us

Room: 214 in James Senate Office Building


Brian J. Feldman (Health Subcommittee, Chair)

District 15 – Montgomery County

Phone: (410) 841-3169

Email: brian.feldman@senate.state.md.us

Room: 104 James Senate Office Building


Stephen S. Hershey, Jr. (Health Subcommittee)

District 36 – Caroline, Cecil, Kent & Queen Anne’s Counties

Phone: (410) 841-3639

Email: steve.hershey@senate.state.md.us

Room: 420 in James Senate Office Building


J.B. Jennings

District 7 – Baltimore and Harford Counties

Phone: (410) 841-3706

Email: jb.jennings@senate.state.md.us

Room: 423 in James Senate Office Building


(Co-Sponsor) Katherine A Klausmeier

District 8 – Baltimore County

Phone: (410) 841-3620

Email: katherine.klausmeier@senate.state.md.us

Room: 103 in James Senate Office Building


(Co-Sponsor) James N. Mathias, Jr.

District 38 – Somerset, Wicomico & Worcester Counties

Phone: (410) 841-3645

Email: james.mathias@senate.state.md.us

Room: 216 in James Senate Office Building


Edward R. Reilly (Health Subcommittee)

District 33 – Anne Arundel County

Phone: (410) 841-3568

Email: edward.reilly@senate.state.md.us

Room: 316 in James Senate Office Building


(Co-Sponsor) James C. Rosapepe

District 21 – Prince George’s & Anne Arundel County

Phone: (410) 841-3141

Email: jim.rosapepe@senate.state.md.us

Room: 314 in James Senate Office Building

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