Daily Action #2 – We MUST stop Maryland from moving backwards! STOP bad crime bill that ignores all of the data on how to actually reduce crime! PLEASE call.

Action Alert from MAJR! Oppose Tough-on-Crime Legislation!

Action Request:  Please contact your House delegates (If you go to http://mdelect.net and put in your address, you can then click on the names of your Delegates for contact information.) and ask them to OPPOSE SB122, the Comprehensive Crime Bill, which has already been passed by the Senate.  SB122 is a BAD bill that ignores the facts on how to reduce crime and recidivism.  This is the last week of the Maryland Legislative Session so there is no time to waste!

Dear Supporter of Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform (MAJR):

This message is going to all constituents of members of the House of Delegates Judiciary and Appropriations Committees.  Your Delegate on one of those committees needs to hear from you.

In spite of the evidence-based changes that have been made with MAJR’s support to Maryland’s criminal justice system in the past several years, the Senate has passed SB 122, a bill that takes us back to the 1980s.  This is an election year, and many legislators want to appear tough on crime. Tough on crime is not smart on crime, and it will be tragic if this bill becomes law.  Our only hope is to stop it in the House.

SB 122 greatly increases penalties at great expense to taxpayers in spite of the fact that a Pew study shows that increased sentences do not deter crime.  Further, this bill would allow violent addicts to be paroled without ever having received court-ordered treatment, leading inevitably to an increased rate of repeat offenses.

Actually, SB 122 also includes some much-needed funding for crime prevention that works. The House could delete the counterproductive “tough on crime” penalties and keep good funding provisions!

Pleased contact your Delegates on either the Judiciary or the Appropriations Committee.  Let them know their constituents want smart, evidence-based laws rather than knee-jerk “tough on crime” laws They should vote against SB122, unless amended to delete unneeded “tough” penalties but keep needed crime prevention funds.

Thanks for your help.  If you go to http://mdelect.net and put in your address, you can then click on the names of your Delegates for contact information.

Please help defeat this bad bill.  To see all the positive bills we are supporting, go to http://www.ma4jr.org/legislation-2018/.

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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