Today’s Daily Call to Action – Session is almost over – We need some bills to move right away. Please help with your calls.

The 2018 Legislative Session is winding down.  Next week will be the final votes.  Any bills that we have not been able to move will likely not move, so we will wait to see how they fare.  That doesn’t mean that you should stop calling or emailing about bills.  There are still some big ones that haven’t made it out of committee, but the days are ticking away and time is running short.

We have had some successes this session, and we will be following up with a list of what bills we managed to get passed and which ones we didn’t.  We will also be putting together scorecards for our legislators that will help inform their constituents about how they vote on big issues.
Thank you for all of your advocacy and your persistence!  We have made a great start and we will be an even bigger force next session. 

Here is a list of bills that still need to get out of committee.  Please call or write to Senator Miller and Delegate Busch to try to get them to move.

President Miller – 410-841-3700;

Speaker Busch – 410-841-3800;

HB1203 / SB1141 – Maryland Education Opportunity Act – stuck in both houses

HB1536 / SB0546 – Tuition Rates – Exemptions (DREAM Act) – stuck in the Senate

HB0766 / SB0610 – Forest Conservation Act – stuck in the House

HB0664 / SB0543 – Payment of the Minimum Wage – Fight for $15 – stuck in both houses

HB1194 / SB1023 – Drug Cost Review Commission – stuck in both houses

HB1461 – SAFE Act – stuck in the House

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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