Daily Call to Action #1 – PLEASE call to support the FCA! Maryland NEEDS this legislation!

Call one last time to protect our forests!!!

Please call before April 9. The latest version of the bill is in the House. Call Chair Kumar Barve (410) 841-3990

and our District 33 Delegates!

Malone,(410) 841-3510,  McConkey (410) 841-3406 Saab (410)841-3551

Maryland’s current Forest Conservation Act (FCA) is failing to protect our forests, and needs revision before even more acres are lost. And time is running out to update the FCA before Maryland’s General Session ends April 9.

Maryland has lost at least 17,000 acres of forests in the past nine years to subdivisions, shopping centers, and other development. Over this time, multiple state reports, recommendations, and policies have identified revisions to the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) as a primary tool to stem ongoing forest loss, protect clean water, and support healthy communities.

Senate Bill 610 would require a sanctioned task force to create recommendations for improving the FCA. The Forest Conservation Task Force would build on this existing work, and ensure that the recommendations are implemented in a meaningful and productive way.

There is no more time for delay on this issue with clearly identified problems. It’s time we truly take up the existing recommendations, and resolve how best to implement them. Tell your Delegates—before April 9—to support Senate Bill 610!

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