Please take 2 minutes on your commute home TODAY to fight for the SAFE Act!

Urge Delegate Vallario (410) 841-3488 to use his authority and influence to move HB1461 the SAFE Act out of his committee. This bill will die if it does not leave his committee.

Maryland state lawmakers are considering legislation that pushes back on the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

The Supporting All Families Everywhere (SAFE) Act, or House Bill 1461, would clarify the roles and responsibilities of local law enforcement agencies. Lawmakers said the SAFE Act intends to give immigrant communities peace of mind.

“The essence of the SAFE Act is to ensure that people feel safe in their community, that they feel safe going to their local law enforcement officers,” said Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, D-Montgomery County.

“So they can trust taking their kids (can go) to school and not get arrested in the parking lot, so they can trust going to the hospital and not fear that they are going to get arrested for getting care,” said Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk, D-Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties.

The SAFE Act would require federal law enforcement to get a warrant to take someone into custody. It prohibits creating an immigration registry, it establishes safe harbor areas, like schools, and it prohibits using state or local jail facilities to house detainees.

One significant provision of the act turns a Maryland state attorney general’s legal opinion into law.

“I think we have all seen what the Justice Department and Attorney General (Jeff) Sessions have been doing to clamp down on what he believes are our illegal sanctuary cities. This bill would make us exactly like California, Illinois, Oregon and other cities in the U.S. that prefer to follow the law and protect the civil rights of individuals.” Gutierrez said.


SAFE Act:  

“Providing that an official of State government or a local government is immune from criminal and civil liability for refusing to provide information to the federal government or another state that will be used for certain purposes; stating it is the intent of the General Assembly to maintain community trust in Maryland governmental operations and law enforcement by clarifying the parameters of State and local participation in federal immigration enforcement efforts; requiring the Attorney General to develop certain policies; etc.”

Contact: Please call. (410) 841-3488


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