Daily Actions – A few last bills that really need your help! #1 Tax Transparency Act for Pres and VP

1. Please call Delegate Kaiser Phone: 410-841-3036, Chair of the committee where SB0256 is languishing and Speaker Busch Phone: 410-841-3800. Please tell them this bills needs to move and get passed this year! The Senate passed it and the House must follow suit.

This bill would prevent future candidates like Trump from getting onto the Maryland ballot UNLESS they release their tax returns.

Feel free to say something like this:

Every Presidential candidate EXCEPT Trump has willingly shared their income tax returns.  We cannot lose sight of how outraged we were and continue to be that Trump told lies and never produced his critical information.  As a Democratic leader, we feel it is your responsibility to make sure this can never be repeated.  We are asking you to do what is best for Marylanders and codify a practice that is to be expected of all presidential and vice presidential candidates so that we never have a repeat performance of this past election with this president.  Your voters are counting on you!  This is a critical move!

Here is a summary of the bill:


Requiring certain candidates for President or Vice President of the United States to file copies of certain federal tax returns and written consent for the disclosure of those tax returns with the State Board of Elections no later than 65 days before a presidential election; requiring the State Board to make these tax returns filed by a Presidential ticket publicly available on the State Board’s website; prohibiting certain candidates who fail to satisfy the requirements of the Act from appearing on the general election ballot; etc.

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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