Animal Welfare Legislation Passed  this Session. Update from Humane Society

Adoption of Companion Animals Used in Research (HB 732/ SB 675): Sponsored by Del. Kramer (D-19) and Sen. Hough (R-4), the bill affords dogs and cats an opportunity to live out their lives in loving homes once the research is complete.

SB 675 as amended to remove all reporting and allow for internal adoptions passed the full Maryland General Assembly unanimously!

Cracking Down on Puppy Mill Imports (HB 1662): Introduced by Del. Kramer (D-19), this bill will prohibit the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores and encourages the stores work with shelter and rescue groups for adoption events.

HB 1662, as amended to extend the implementation date until January 1, 2020 in order to allow the pet stores in the state still selling dogs to transition to a humane business model, passed the full Maryland General Assembly unanimously! The Senate also added intent language to express their desire for animal welfare groups to partner with pet stores in the state to help them change their business model away from a reliance on selling puppies from cruel and disgusting puppy mills.   

Animal Cruelty – Sentencing Conditions (HB 212/ SB 1038 ) – Introduced by Delegate David Moon (D-20) and Senator Will Smith (D-20), the amended bill allows judges to order as a condition of sentencing for aggravated animal cruelty that a person not own animals for any period of time, up to and including life 

Unprotected Birds – Pigeons (SB 94 ) – Introduced by Chair Joan Carter Conway (D-43) at the request of the Department of Natural Resources, SB 94 adds “pigeon” to the defined term “unprotected bird” for the purposes of the wildlife laws of the State. The HSUS succeeded in amending the to include an explicit prohibition on cruel pigeon shoots.

Garrett County – Regulation of Animals – Enforcement (HB 1734)/ SB 1123) –  Introduced by Del. Delegate Wendell R. Beitzel (R-1A) and Sen. George Edwards (R-1), the bill expands enforcement of animal cruelty laws in Garrett County to the sheriff’s department

Horse Racing – Interstate Compact on Anti–Doping and Drug Testing Standards (HB 1177/ SB 1115) –  Introduced by Del. Anne Kaiser (D-14) and Sen. Mac Middleton (D-28), the bill provides that the purpose of the Interstate Anti-Doping and Drug Testing Standards Compact is to facilitate joint action to create more uniform and effective breed specific rules on the permitted and prohibited use of drugs and medications for the welfare of the horse; establishes the Interstate Anti-Doping and Drug Testing Standards Compact Commission to administer the Compact; and provides for the composition, voting procedures, operation, and powers and duties of the Commission; etc.

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