Daily Call to Action – Separating families is inhumane!

From the ACLU:

The Trump administration has cooked up a horrific new scheme: ripping children away from their parents to curb immigration. Separating families is cruel and unnecessary.

But the government is showing signs that it will bend to public demands. Facing mounting pressure from ACLU attorneys, activists, and journalists, the Trump administration finally released Ms. L, an asylum-seeker from the Democratic Republic of Congo. For four months, she’d been separated from her seven-year-old daughter (“S.S.”), who was kept halfway across the country in a Chicago detention center. Hopefully she will be reunited with her mother soon.

If she is reunited, this will be a victory for immigrants’ rights, but it’s still just an isolated case – the Trump administration continues the heartless practice of separating immigrant children from their families. Sign this petition to tell Homeland Security to stop the inhumane treatment of families once and for all.

Even though Ms. L and her daughter have a solid case for asylum, ICE agents forcibly removed S.S. The child cried and screamed as they took her away from her mother. Then she was flown 2,000 miles away to a prison-like detention center where she ended up spending her seventh birthday all alone.

There was absolutely no reason for ICE to separate Ms. L from her child – except for sending a cruel warning to other immigrants and asylum seekers.

This government is downright inhumane in the way it treats immigrants and asylum-seekers, but we can change that if enough of us speak up. Add your name to pressure Homeland Security to stop this vicious practice at once.

The Trump administration is sending the clear message that immigrants aren’t welcome here – and they don’t mind sacrificing constitutional rights and basic human decency just to get that across. They want to scare people away from coming to this country to seek a better life and aren’t afraid to admit it. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen even said so herself: “We’re looking at a variety of ways to enforce our laws to discourage parents from bringing their children here.”

We need your help in making sure this terrible practice comes to an end. Sign the petition to Homeland Security: Stop separating immigrant families.

Thanks for staying in the fight,

Lee Gelernt

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project Deputy Director

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