Daily Call to Action: A VERY important issue in women’s health of which we all need to be aware! Lying to women about their choices and their reproductive health…

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Facts about fake health centers:


Full report: https://www.prochoiceamerica.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/cpc-report-2015.pdf

There are more than 2,700 fake women’s health centers (often referred to as “crisis pregnancy centers”) that exist in the United States. These centers are often run by members of the anti-choice movement and spread false information about women’s healthcare. For instance, they often tell women that abortion raises the risk of breast cancer — several studies have shown no correlation. These centers have one central agenda: manipulating women and convincing them to carry their pregnancy to term.

Sign our petition now if you believe that women should have access to accurate information and facts when it comes to making personal reproductive healthcare decisions >>

Use this link to get to petition: https://www.dailykos.com/campaigns/forms/add-your-name-fight-against-fake-womens-health-centers?detail=emailaction&link_id=1&can_id=fc3ba37445c4e55517bb2205510e38ea&source=email-firstname-default-friend-please-sign-our-petition-and-demand-that-fake-womens-health-centers-stop-spreading-lies-about-medical-care&email_referrer=email_335527&email_subject=firstname-default-friend-please-sign-our-petition-and-demand-that-fake-womens-health-centers-stop-spreading-lies-about-medical-care

These manipulative fake clinics are often opened near actual abortion-providing clinics, pretending to offer honest medical care. In 2015, California passed the Reproductive FACT Act, which orders these CPCs to provide correct information on reproductive choices, including abortion—in other words, to offer women the truth about the full range of reproductive healthcare options that are available to them. Now several clinics are challenging California’s current law in an effort to continue deceiving women. We’re fighting back against their anti-choice agenda all the way to the Supreme Court.

Fake women’s health centers should not be allowed to lie about medical facts in order to prey on women at a vulnerable moment in their lives. All women deserve access to accurate information when making personal reproductive healthcare decisions. Women deserve the truth. Add your name to demand fake women’s health centers end the lies!

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