Today’s Daily Call to Action: Find out what you can do to help the good people of Cove Point help Maryland

[Above photo: Rallying outside the Maryland Department of the Environment to stop the permit for Dominion Energy’s compressor station in Charles County. M. Flowers]

A big thanks to all who came out to protest at the Maryland Department of the Environment last Wednesday night. We had lots of honks and waves of support. MDE knew we were there. And candidates for office showed up in support: Krish Vignarajah (Democrat for Governor), Ian Schlakman and Rev. Annie Chambers (Greens for Governor/Lieutenant Governor) and Chelsea Manning (Democrat for US Senate).

Sunday was Earth Day and many of us took stock of the state of the planet. The truth is that it isn’t good – oceans are slowing and coral is dying, CO2 in the atmosphere is over 400 ppm, species are going extinct and much of the water we drink and air we breathe is contaminated.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We know how to create clean energy and clean transit, how to store carbon in the soil and how to protect water and air. The problem is that big industries like Dominion Energy make money through dirty energy and they have our government’s ear.

The antidote to the power of money is people power. We can stop Dominion Energy’s compressor station in Charles County and cut off that supply of fracked gas to Cove Point.

Now there are two opportunities for action each week:

Wednesdays – Join us between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm at the Maryland Department of the Environment, 1800 Washington Blvd in Baltimore, for a “Drop in and Hang Out.” We’ll be in their lobby to let employees know what the MDE is doing by moving ahead with the permit for the Charles County compressor station against the will of the county, which denied the zoning permit. If you can make it, fill out this form to let us know.

Thursdays – We continue to rally outside Governor Hogan’s mansion at 110 State Circle (College Ave side) in Annapolis at noon. Here is the Facebook page.

Governor Hogan has the power to order a safety study for Dominion’s fracked gas refinery and export terminal in Cove Point with one phone call. Call Governor Hogan at 410 974 3901 to tell  him that he has a responsibility to the people in Cove Point to order a safety study.

Governor Hogan will be campaigning this year. If you see him at an event, please ask him about the safety study. We must put this on voters’ radar so they know that Hogan claims to care about Marylanders, but he is failing us.

More actions you can take!

1. Call Brian Frosh, the attorney general, at 240-479-9788. We suspect that MDE is moving ahead out of fear of a legal challenge by Dominion Energy. Tell Brian Frosh that his office should be directing MDE to respect Charles County by stopping the permit process, not giving in to Dominion Energy out of fear.

2. Call Andrea Baker, the attorney at the Maryland Department of the Environment, at 410-537-3055. Tell her that MDE should stop the permit process now.

3. Submit comments to MDE. The comment period is open until June 12, 2018. You will find more information about the compressor station and how to submit a comment here.

There will be more hearings in Charles County. We will alert you to the dates and times as soon as we know.

We appreciate all that you do for a cleaner and livable future. We have one more ask. We Are Cove Point depends on your support. We need to raise $1,000 each month to cover our expenses for printing, renting rooms, travel and more. Please donate if you are able. Your donation is tax deductible if you use our fiscal sponsor online.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE and consider becoming a monthly sustainer. Or, you can use Pay Pal or mail a check made out to “We Are Cove Point”  to us directly at P.O Box 101, Lusby, MD 20657.

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