Daily Call to Action: Call your US Senators to reverse the FCC’s decision on net neutrality

From the ACLU:

Last Wednesday, senators filed a petition to force a vote on net neutrality. Now, our sources tell us that this vote will happen THIS WEDNESDAY. We need to make sure our 50 senators stand strong and get at least one more senator on our side to save net neutrality, so we have to make as many calls as possible between now and the vote.

(Click here to find out contact info for your US Senators) Please call your senators right now to demand that they use the Congressional Review Act to reverse the FCC’s decision on net neutrality. We must make it clear where we stand on this issue. Our democratic right to a free and open internet – our free speech – is at stake.

This isn’t hard: Corporations like AT&T and Comcast shouldn’t be able to determine what kind of internet content we’re able to access. And this isn’t controversial: The majority of the American public supports net neutrality protections.

We’ve already proven with healthcare and other fights that if our voice is loud enough – even under the Trump administration – we can win. Please call your senators right now to demand that net neutrality stays intact.

And if the Senate decides to ignore our widespread support for net neutrality, we’ll remind them where we stand at the voting booth this November.

Thanks for fighting for a free, fair, and open internet.

Last week’s plea:

It’s official: The Senate is expected to vote on net neutrality as soon as next week.

We need to secure just one more vote for the Senate to reverse the FCC’s decision and restore net neutrality protections. If we want to keep the internet free, fair, and open for all, the Senate can’t have any doubt what side the people are on.

Jennifer, please call your senators right now so we can secure the 51 votes we need for net neutrality protections to pass the Senate. Even if your senators heard from you before or already favor net neutrality, they need to know that their constituents are watching this crucial issue.

Our country is at a critical moment: We’re deciding how we can access information and what role private companies will play in determining what we can read, watch, and do online. We’ve come too far in this fight to be silent now.

And it’s not just the future of the internet that’s at stake – net neutrality could become a key issue in the 2018 midterm elections. By flooding our senators with calls now, we’ll make it clear at the ballot box whether or not they answered to the people.

Call your senators to demand that they vote to protect net neutrality. If enough of us call, then we’ll get the majority we need to win in the Senate.

Thanks for taking action,

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