Daily Call to Action: AACPS needs a budget that delivers more teachers!

Call or write County Councilmen Peroutka, Smith, Grasso and Walker (contact info below) and ask them to come up with more money for teachers in this year’s budget We appreciate the supplementary budget for more mental health staff in schools but we cannot go on with the present class size and this year’s budget does NOT make an effort to keep us at present class sizes, given demographic growth. This week’s data shows that our County is now the 23rd wealthiest in the Nation and the 3rd wealthiest in the State yet our per pupil spending is only 18th (out of 26) in the state.

Tell them that our children deserve better, that we are counting on them to deliver and we will be watching how they perform during this election year and beyond.

District Name Email Phone

1 Peter Smith peter.smith@aacounty.org 410-222-1401

2 John Grasso john.grasso@aacounty.org 410-222-1401

5 Michael Peroutka michael.peroutka@aacounty.org 410-222-1401

7 Jerry Walker jerry.walker@aacounty.org 410-222-1401

WISE would love to hear from you.....

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