Daily Call to Action: County Executive Schuh does NOT support the styrofoam ban. Call or write today!

County Executive Steve Schuh does not support the Bill 48-18 banning EPS foam food containers. Let him know that this is not acceptable.  Anne Arundel County, with its 500 miles of shoreline relies on a clean and healthy watershed. Keep the Chesapeake free of EPS foam. Call  today!

410-222-1390 or 410-222-1821

email: SSchuh@aacounty.org


Help ban expanded polystyrene foam food containers in Anne Arundel County and their harmful impact on marine life by contacting the County Council (and your Annapolis Alderman) TODAY!  Bills have been introduced in the Annapolis City Council and the Anne Arundel County Council to ban the provision and sale of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam food containers (also known as Styrofoam), but passage is not assured. The opposition is lobbying heavily.  We need your help!

Why EPS foam food containers should be banned

• EPS litter is especially harmful to the marine environment.   Foam food containers are 10-40% of roadside litter by volume. In Anne Arundel County, with more than 500 miles of shoreline, wind and runoff can quickly transport EPS litter into the Chesapeake Bay, where it breaks into little beads that absorb toxins and float to the ocean. Marine life mistakes the toxic beads for food.  It’s virtually impossible to clean up this type of marine pollution.

• EPS food containers are not recycled or compostable.  EPS waste is part of the ¼ -1/3 of landfill waste by weight that can’t be diverted, and it is high-volume.  It is not accepted by the Annapolis or Anne Arundel County curbside recycling programs. The EPS industry provides a single drop-off for recycling of foam packaging blocks in Anne Arundel County (Crofton), but foam food containers are not accepted because they are usually contaminated with food.

•   Compostable and recyclable alternative containers are already in wide use.  Before enacting foam bans in Prince George’s County and Baltimore, fewer than 5% of restaurants were using foam food containers exclusively.  Almost all were already using affordable alternatives (in a mix or exclusively). Foam food containers are not manufactured in Maryland, so no jobs will be lost. Moreover, passing this ban will increase the demand for alternatives manufactured by the Dart Container Corporation on the Eastern Shore!

•  Bans on EPS food containers are working in Maryland’s most populous counties  Compliance with similar bans in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties is high – about 90% so far.  There have been no significant adverse impacts on businesses and none has been fined.  The main reason for non-compliance is lack of information.  A successful program must have a strong education effort before and after a ban goes into effect.  Earlier this year, the City of Baltimore approved a similar ban, effective in 2019.

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