Daily Call to Action from Moms Rising: Commerce Department should NOT regulate firearm exports!

The NRA is up to NO good Again! Firearms are dangerous.

They are trying to change the handling of export licenses of semiautomatic assault weapons and other powerful firearms from the U.S. State Department (focused on safeguarding our nation) to the U.S. Commerce Department (focused on promoting American business).[1] This transfer of authority would open new floodgates for arms sales internationally, with serious implications for our national security.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department just does not have the resources to adequately enforce export controls. Its Bureau of Industry and Security does not have staff everywhere. This means that firearms traffickers, organized crime, terrorist organizations, and other violent and dangerous agents would face far fewer hurdles to obtaining large caches of American guns and ammunition.

The bottom line is that switching the regulation of firearms exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department would facilitate firearms exports to oppressive regimes, remove safeguards that help keep extra-legal agents like organized crime and terrorist organizations from obtaining weapons, and further fuel violence that destabilizes countries and causes mass migration.[4]

There’s no time to waste – submit comments now to the State Department and the Commerce Department opposing this rule change!

*When you click through the pages, for your official comments, you can copy and paste the points in this email or use your own voice to make unique comments.

U.S. Department of State: https://action.momsrising.org/go/38289?t=6&akid=11004%2E2545904%2EwgKXCB

U.S. Department of Commerce: https://action.momsrising.org/go/38290?t=8&akid=11004%2E2545904%2EwgKXCB

Here are more details on how the rule change would make the world a far more dangerous place:

1 It would eliminate the State Department’s Blue Lantern program, in place since 1940, which carries out hundreds of pre-license and post-shipment inspections and publicly reports on them.[5]

2 It would remove licensing requirements for brokers, increasing the risk of trafficking.[6]

3 It would remove the State Department’s block on the 3D printing of firearms. When Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson posted online instructions for how to 3D print weapons, the State Department successfully charged him with violating arms export laws, since his open-source posting made it possible for anyone with access to a 3D printer, anywhere, to produce a lethal weapon. The rule switch would remove this block, effectively enabling 3D printing of firearms in the U.S. and around the globe.[7]

*You can copy and paste the points in this email or use your own voice to make unique comments to the State and Commerce Departments.

Firearms are dangerous. They are used to kill people every day around the world in acts of organized crime, political violence, terrorism, and human rights violations. They should be subject to more controls, not less!

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