Daily Call to Action: Please call Governor Hogan and urge him to choose diversity for the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court bench!

• Right now 3 Judges are retiring from AA Co Circuit Court so 3 judges need to be appointed by Hogan from a pool of 10 candidates chosen by what is considered a political committee process.  Out of the 10 candidates chosen, only three are women, with two of those women being African American (Elizabeth Morris and (Lorrianne) Jeanette Rice)  Seems unfair that only 3 out of ten recommended by committee are women.

• 6 women out of a total of 16 (less than half) judges have sat on bench since 2000.

• Anne Arundel’s Circuit Court has only had two African-Americans in its long history. Anne Arundel County Circuit Court has NEVER had a woman of color on the bench!

• Crooks, a former federal prosecutor and Gov. Larry Hogan’s former personal counsel, was appointed last year by Hogan and is of concern to many citizens of Anne Arundel County as he attended a fundraiser for Roy Moore held in Annapolis last year.  He was selected by Hogan for the seat over Rice (who is of color).

An important read about the process:


Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘There will be enough women on the Supreme Court when there are nine’

Please call Governor Hogan 410-974-3901 and tell him that Anne Arundel County is a diverse county that NEEDS a diverse bench and that it is time to change history and appoint women of color to be Circuit Court Judges! Urge him to appoint the 3 women to the bench.

By authority of WISE Women of Maryland PAC, treasurer, Rosella Stock

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