Daily Call to Action: Guest Column in The Capital today about gun violence – please read, please share

“A gun violence task force would focus efforts to end mass shootings” Guest Column by Steuart Pittman

“Our Gun Violence Task Force will include gun owners, gun safety instructors, public safety officers, victims, mental health providers, and attorneys. It will monitor implementation of our state’s current gun safety laws, including our new red flag law, and recommend legislation to our county’s delegation to the Maryland General Assembly that would improve those laws.” Steuart Pittman in his guest column from The Capital

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The greatest obstacle to success in this endeavor is politics. When politicians make statements like, “The only reason we are free today is because we are armed,” or that the Second Amendment is about, “the ever-present danger of tyrannical government,” our efforts to come together around common-sense restrictions on gun ownership become very difficult.

These quotes came from County Executive Steve Schuh’s speech on the floor of the Maryland General Assembly in opposition to the Firearms Safety Act of 2013. That bill limited the sale of military-style assault weapons in Maryland.

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