Teachers endorse Pittman NOT Schuh

Why aren’t @AACountySchools  teachers endorsing #SteveSchuh?  They earn the lowest pay in any Maryland urban district and @AACountySchools  is ranked 4 out of the five districts in the Baltimore area in the categories of “safest district” and “best places to teach” at Niche.com,  https://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2018/05/teachers-union-not-happy-with-schuhs-budget/

#VoteforPittman. Teachers Association Endorses Pittman for Anne Arundel County Executive: http://taaaconline.org/2018-taaac-endorsed-candidates/

Anne Arundel County Teachers Give a Failing Grade to County Executive Schuh’s Budget


Schuh’s budget has less funding for teaching, mental health jobs than schools sought


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