Here’s just 1 thing we love about Eve Hurwitz for D33 State Senator

Here’s just 1 thing we love about Eve Hurwitz for D33 State Senator…her position on small business:
Small Business
As a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a progressive capitalist. I have 24 years of experience managing the finances for small businesses and I am intimately familiar with best bookkeeping practices and accounting needs. I believe that businesses thrive when employees are happy, healthy and productive. I promise to find the balance and work with other legislators to help businesses grow while also taking care of their people.
Check Eve’s website to find out more:
Come to the WISE general meeting October 1 at 7pm at St. Martin’s tp hear from Eve and the 3 female candiates for D33 Delegate (Hovermale, Bagnall and Luby) and candiates for BOE (Schallheim) and County (Myers) Council

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