Some of the things we love about Dana Schallheim for D5 BOE!

Here’s what she wants to do!

If successful I will:
* Fight for living wages, restoration of lost steps, and smaller class size;

* Provide fiscal oversight and improved board accountability, and transparency,

* Develop budgets that meet actual school needs at the school level;
* Champion measures to ensure full PUBLIC school funding;

* Ensure that our school facilities maintained properly;
* Advocate for equity for ALL AACPS students;
* Pledge to eliminate transportation inefficiencies, increase recess, and align school start times according to known data; and,
* Pursue implementation of policies that solve bullying and racism as well as enact measures that properly support minorities and people of color.

Check her out: and

Come here from her, Myers for D5 County Council, Luby, Hovermale and Bagnall for D33 Delegates and Hurwitz for D33 Senate at WISE’s general meeting Oct. 1 at 7 at Heck Hall, St. Martin’s on the Field, Severna Park.


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